The SEENLANDMARATHON® is one of the most beautiful running events in Bavaria. Half an hour from Nuremberg, the run starts in Pleinfeld and leads you directly to the unique waterside of the „Brombachsee“. The lovely town of Pleinfeld with its familial atmosphere guarantees the perfect location to feel very comfortable. In this year the event is taking place on September, 19th/20th 2015.

Exceptional features of the SEENLANDMARATHON® are its appealing course and the unique ambience during the race at the lake and the whole fringe events. The bank path is the perfect ground for easy jogging. In addition to the inherent natural beauty of the lake, there is a wonderful forest and the lush grass all around to admire. Not least all around the course spectators gather to cheer the runners. Before and after the run a huge party finally will make this day just memorable. At the event area there’s a large tent where you can get traditional Bavarian food and of course Bavarian beer. Entertaining music and shows will make your day!

We offer every participant a wide range of opportunities to take part in our run. Adults can run the marathon distance (42.195 km), but there are several alternatives. You can also choose the half marathon (21.1 km), the nordic walking course (21.1 km), the hobby run (4.5 km) or the marathon-relay. From the age of 16 you can join the half marathon distance and from the age of 18 the full distance. As we want to offer everyone the chance of running, we also offer various distances for bambini (300 m), kids (1.5 km) and youths (4.5 km).
Running is not only for individuals; therefore we offer a team-run in which you can participate with your friends or colleagues. A relay (team-run) is with two to six runners that finish the marathon-distance together.

On Saturday the 19th the bambini-run and the fringe events have priority beginning at 15:00 PM. On Sunday the 20th September the event starts at 07:00 AM. After picking up your starter-set between 07:00 - 11:00 AM the marathon will start at 09:00 AM.
Here you can see the whole timetable for Saturday and Sunday.

As you see, not only trained runners can enjoy the fantastic landscape around the „Brombachsee“. Everyone can be part in the SEENLANDMARATHON® with its spectacular atmosphere and great location.

How to register for the SEENLANDMARATHON®? Either you register yourself here or you download the application form and send it back to us. The registration is valid once you have paid the contribution for organisation. Notice that you will pay less the earlier you complete your registration.

Registration fees:

  Registration until


31.12. 29.03. 28.06. 06.09. On site
Bambini run 3,- € 4,- € 5,- € 6,- € 8,- € -
Kids run 5,- € 6,- € 8,- € 10,- € 12,- € 5,- €
Hobby run 7,- € 8,- € 9,- € 12,- € 15,- € 5,- €
(Nordic) walking 18,- € 20,- € 22,- € 25,- € 35,- € 5,- €
Half marathon 20,- € 22,- € 25,- € 30,- € 40,- € 5,- €
Marathon 30,- € 32,- € 35,- € 40,- € 50,- € 5,- €
Marathon-relay 50,- € 52,- € 55,- € 60,- € 70,- € 10,- €







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